Some selected YouTube-Videos on different stages of Jaco's life

Bright Size Life, Continuum and others - JACO&PAT + Bob Moses - Live 1974 58sorbolik
Trio Song - With Albert Mangelsdorff and Alphonse Mouzon - Trilogue Live 1976 MalcoMix Fusion
Teen Town - Weather Report - Midnight Special 1977 khalil mounji
Birdland - Weather Report - Live in Offenbach 1978 Edgar Gzz
Joni Mitchell, Jaco Pastorius and Others - From Shadows and Lights Live 1979 Domenico Loparco_bassguitar
The Chicken, Donna Lee and more - Jaco Pastorius and Others - Live in Montreal Jazz Fest 1982 Henrique Scudeller
Donna Lee, Three Views of a Secrets - WORD OF MOUTH SEXTET Live 1982 Gianluca Alberti
Havona - Jaco Pastorius Band feat. Kazumi Watanabe - Live in Japan 1983 Music Universe
Dolphin Dance - In Belgium in February 1985 Music Universe
The Chicken and more - Jam from MODERN ELECTRIC BASS with John Scofield and Kenwood Dennard 1985 Westfields1982
Spain - Jaco Pastorius, Bireli Lagrene, Alex Bally 1986 Jan Jankeje
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